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R-Glow: A Tribal Rave Experience

Photo Courtesy of CAB

By Erin Keating


The Campus Activities Board hosted their fourth annual R-Glow in Alumni Gym from 10 PM to 2 AM on Saturday, November 15. Hundreds of students decked out in neon clothes flocked to R-Glow and spent the night dancing under the black-lights to the beats of DJs Jackson Goyette, Josh Storo, and Todd Bowyer.

In addition to the hypnotic light display and rave music always featured at R-Glow, this year’s dance featured numerous side attractions including light performers, who performed on stage with LED hula-hoops, and aerial performers, who danced above the students suspended from ribbons. Many of the guests were mesmerized by the performers and students taking a break from dancing crowded around the performers to watch their dazzling dances.

As well as providing students with such incredible side shows, CAB also gave students glow sticks and black light body paint to make R-Glow a more visual experience, and to add to the rave like environment. Of course, sunglasses were provided as well, so that students weren’t blinded by R-Glow’s flashing lights. This tribal rave experience was both a visual and auditory spectacle.

According to a Roanoke sophomore, “R-Glow was fantastic! The aerial dancers were amazing to look at and the DJs played really good music. It was so much fun to listen and watch which made it a really good time.” Besides being used to light up Alumni Gym, these gifts from CAB make great souvenirs to commemorate this year’s R-Glow.

An R-Glow preview was held earlier in the week on the back quad, with a light display and sample music to get students excited about R-Glow and further promote the event. CAB’s advertisements for R-Glow, as well as the hype it has received from students, makes it one of the best attended campus events of the year. This year’s R-Glow was no different. CAB’s continuing dedication to building on the experience each year ensures that R-Glow is always a unique experience for students and guests, and never quite the same as the year before. In addition to providing a heart-pounding rave experience, CAB’s R-Glow gives students from all aspects of campus life to come together and share in an unforgettable night.