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Dear Sue: “Conflicted Tay”


Dear Sue,

I’m really conflicted about what to do with my future. I’m not sure if I even want to follow what my original plan is and I’m halfway through college. It feels too late to change. Does changing my whole idea of my future make me look like I failed?

Conflicted Tay


Dear Conflicted,

It’s never too late to follow your intuition. And, while that may be cheesy, it’s true. If you are unhappy with your current major or your path, then there is not really a point to you studying that specific area, is there? You cannot fail if you are doing something that will make you happy in the long run. Now, considering you did say that you were halfway through college, I want to add a little asterisk to my first statement. It might be worthwhile to look at how much longer you are willing to stay in school, and then also how much change is going to happen. Go speak to an advisor. If you have to add a semester to get everything done, then I would suggest that you do it. Some people don’t end up choosing a major until sophomore year, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. On the upside, if changing your original plan doesn’t involve changing your major and just making a decision to not go to grad school or to go into a different aspect of the current field you are studying, that’s even easier. Just follow what you feel you should do. College used to be about finding your path and taking classes that you wanted to know more about. Nowadays, people seem to think you HAVE to know what you want to do going into college and you have to start out and follow that plan and live life by the book. Well, why not just figure out who you are and what you want to do? It worked for all of the other successful college graduates out in the world. You won’t look like you failed; you will look like you made a smart, rational, and healthy decision. Changing your original plan is something you are doing for yourself, not anyone else.

With best wishes,

Sue Z. Maroon