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Maroon Madness Preview



By Lyndee Zeller


Roanoke College deserves some school spirit, something more than the college t-shirts that everyone and their mother buys the first week of school. The fall semester has passed, taking the summer fun with it. Luckily, the 2015 academic year will kick off with “Maroon Madness” a spirit campaign created by the Student Government Association. The students involved with SGA, Campus Activities Board, and the former student activities director, Mark Peterson, have worked together to form a three-day event in an attempt to drive the hungry appetites of students who show their dedication to the Noke Nation.

January 22, in Alumni Gym, CAB will host the “Maroon versus Food RC Challenge” where teams of six will eat their way through dishes supplied by Macado’s, Mac and Bob’s, Fruitions and other local downtown favorites. Each team has the chance to win $600, and the winner will be determined by whomever can scarf down the food first. Last year, the poster for the event had President Maxey and the former Dean Gene posing to go against each other to eat a several-layered hamburger. As of the first day of school, there are only three teams, so there is still a chance to be in the running to become America’s Next Top Recreational Eater.

The following day includes a double-header basketball game in the Bast Center with food, t-shirt giveaways and plenty of to enjoy. SGA had a competition for the design of the t-shirt, which can be found on their Facebook Page where anyone could vote for student entered designs. Mary Kelly, a junior and Track Javelin Thrower has entered her designs for the second year in a row, finally winning this year’s design competition. The t-shirt appropriately had a basketball with Rooney and the SGA emblem.

January 24 will include a vendor event from CAB in the Colket Center where students will have the opportunity to customize a Roanoke College sign that features our most recognizable quotes like the familiar lins, “Classic for Tomorrow” and “We aren’t here for a long time, we are here for a good time.”