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CAB Hosts Bingo


By Rachel Miles

On January 16, Roanoke College held the first bingo of the spring semester in Alumni Gym. Mr. and Mrs. Maxey took their seats at the front of the gym to begin the night with the classic bingo board. Between each board, music played out while the numbers were checked, and students returned to their tables either a lucky winner or disappointed and determined for the next round.

The night was cinema themed, so all of the prizes revolved around movies, movie nights, or the specifics of a well-known piece of film. On a four corners board, senior Gabby Rivest won a car themed gift bag complete with windshield scraper, Fast and Furious movies, car air fresheners and other car-related items. Shortly after, senior Bailey Howard won a zombie related bag that held items such as the movie World War Z and a zombie survival backpack.

Throughout the night there were black out boards and last man standing games with prizes that ranged anywhere from snacks to a TV. During one of the callings that involved two students going up for a prize, the Maxeys offered a dinner with the two of them, the highlight prize of the night.

Throughout the evening, students were getting out of their seats to dance to the music during breaks, or going to grab snacks and drinks from the tables set up in the back. Overall, the event was a success for CAB with full tables throughout the whole night.