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Dear Sue: “Depressed David”


Dear Sue,

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty depressed, even though I’m doing things that used to make me happy. It feels as though I’m going through the motions, doing things that should be making me satisfied with my life, but none of it is helping. I’m in a few clubs and hang out with my friends often, so I know that I am making an effort, but is there anything else I could do that might help me?


Depressed David


Dear Depressed,

Firstly, you should know that you’re not alone. It’s fairly common for college students to feel what you’re feeling right now. It’s good that you’ve taken steps to try and resolve the problem on your own. Even if they haven’t worked, your effort shows that you acknowledge the problem and are willing to experiment with different methods of treatment. Make an appointment at the Counseling Center. Though you may be hesitant, thinking there’s a social stigma that goes with seeing a counselor, you may find it is just what you need to get out of your depression. The counselors there are willing to help students in whatever ways they can. You might benefit from talking to someone about your problems who isn’t directly involved in them.

Another option would be to visit your doctor, and discuss the possibility of taking some sort of medication to help with your depression. Your doctor should know you well enough to determine whether or not you could benefit from taking an anti-depressant, and you may find that it will help you more than what you’re currently doing.

Finally, consider getting involved in some form of community service, if you aren’t already. Maybe the feeling of helping others will help you to feel fulfilled in a way that ordinary clubs aren’t. The most important thing is that you don’t give up hope, and remember that recovery IS possible.


Sue Z. Maroon