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100 Days Party

Photo Courtesy of Mackenzie Sullivan
Photo Courtesy of Mackenzie Sullivan

By Matthew Othus


It’s that time of year again! Time for the seniors of the school to begin counting down the days till their release into the real world. Time for the freshmen, sophomores and juniors to begin saying goodbyes, while simultaneously assuming leadership roles around campus.

On Thursday, the seniors gathered on Colket’s first floor to celebrate 100 days until graduation. This is the final stretch for most of us and everyone showed up to have a real good time.

The school set up a karaoke machine for the masses to come together and sing the songs of the senior class. The artists ranged from Spice Girls to Backstreet Boys and even to Cher.

Of course no one in their right mind would even consider doing karaoke. The great thing about this party was that almost no one was in their right mind. Luckily, most of the senior class was intoxicated. This was in large part due to the fact that free drinks were supplied at the party. Each person got two free drinks, which was a large selling point of the party and a very likely reason for the great attendance.

Given the party-like atmosphere and senior nostalgia, it was a great success. There are very few events during the course of our time here which allow a class to come together as a whole. Being one of those times, the class seemed to have a great time with one another.

Personally, I showed up fashionably late and immediately headed towards the free alcohol (who didn’t?). I chatted up a few of my close friends while we waited in line, and afterwards moved on to speak to some friends I hadn’t seen since freshman year.

It was a lot of fun reminiscing with people from my INQ-100 level classes. Hearing about their progression through college and exchanging stories showed me that none of us are very different. Even if we never really became great friends, we weren’t as different as the Roanoke College “clique atmosphere” suggests.

As the night progressed, I met up with various people I have had one or two classes with throughout my collegiate career. There were people in and out of my major, with whom it was nice to briefly catch up with.

Finally, I ended up spending the last 30 minutes or so meeting some new people. It is nice to find people at the same stage in life, but before that encounter were completely unknown to exist. There were a lot of things we talked about and then a few of us scrounged snacks from the leftover piles of food. All the meanwhile, “Believe” by Cher was being sung by two brave men, an image I won’t soon forget.

After the party at Colket has ended, everyone seemed to move to Macado’s and Mac and Bob’s. Macado’s was crazy; it was standing room only at the bar and I’ve never seen the place so packed. Mac and Bob’s was significantly less packed, but still had a great atmosphere.

Hopefully this event wasn’t the last time our class will come together before graduation. It was a great atmosphere and time is running out. Only 92 more days until graduation and time sure is flying by!