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Art Club Hosts Clay Day

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Photo Courtesy of Brieanah Gouveia

By Brieanah Gouveia


On Saturday, Jan. 24, thanks to the generosity of Professor Hardwig, Art Club was able to host an evening sculpture event in the Olin sculpture studio for all art-enthusiasts to attend. Dr. Hardwig gave a quick overview of how to sculpt figurines, clay bowls and tiles, and then walked students through the step-by-step process of how to make a plate. After the brief 10-minute tutorial, students had free-range to dig their hands into clay and let their imaginations run wild.

The unexpectedly high turnout left exec members feeling hopeful of the growing interest in Art Club and its heightened presence around campus. Many students remarked that Clay Day has been their favorite event ever hosted by the club since its creation in the fall of 2013. As a result of its huge popularity, Art Club will be working with Dr. Hardwig to make Clay Day a biannual event in hopes of encouraging such exemplary member participation.

What was most noteworthy about this event however was not just the amount of students who dedicated their Saturday night to artistic endeavors, but rather the types of individuals who came together as one eclectic group of artists. Alongside the art majors were art history, political science, and even business majors.

Photo Courtesy of Brieanah Gouveia
Photo Courtesy of Brieanah Gouveia

The success of the event clearly reflects the principal mission of Art Club: to bring together like-minded individuals in a positive environment, regardless of artistic background or skill-level, in hopes of fostering compassion for the arts and inspiring one another to fulfill their creative potentials!

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, Art Club will be hosting its second event of the semester, Cupid Crafts, in spirit of Valentine’s Day. All Roanoke College students and even faculty are encouraged to participate in the love-themed activities. There will be card-making stations, collaging tables, and assorted gift decoration areas.