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CAB: “Subway Signs”

Photo Courtesy of RC
Photo Courtesy of RC

By Christy Blevins

On Jan. 24, CAB hosted a small “Subway Signs” event in the lower Atrium after the end of the men’s Maroon Madness basketball game.  Similar to past street sign events, in which students can choose a word/name and road name abbreviation to put on signs, “Subway Signs” allowed students to get a subway sign with numerous Roanoke references and their name and class year.

In contrast with the other design-your-own-sign events, the subway signs were pre-designed and only left a space for a CAB worker to input a student’s name and graduation year.  The design was then printed on to the metal plate and sat out to cool before getting handed to students. Students were, as always, required to scan in, and CAB allowed one sign per person.

Also at the subway signs event, tables were set up with crafts to keep students entertained while waiting for their sign. These crafts included beading, iron-on letters for bags, and making your own picture magnet or mini cork board.  Earlier in the year, CAB also hosted a make-your-own license plate event allowing students to put their own phrase on a maroon or white metal license plate.

The location and timing of this event allowed CAB to grab many students after the basketball game and those ordering dinner from Cavern. The turnout for this event was pretty good.

CAB will host many more events this year. Their next one is a gourmet cooking class with “The Food Dude” on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Ballroom.