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Formal Recruitment: Boy’s Bid’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Mitchell Alexander
Photo Courtesy of Mitch Alexander

By Ben Cowgill


This past weekend was Boy’s Bid’s Day, the conclusion of Formal Recruitment for Men’s Greek life on campus. With Women’s recruitment concluding the Sunday before second semester starts, the end of men’s recruitment serves as a celebration for all of Greek life’s new memberships and growth in their organizations.

The rush process started almost three weeks ago with a Round Robin. This event is a chance for potential new members to hear information about each of the five fraternities on campus. The following week potentials are invited to smokers, which give them a chance to hear more about a specific fraternities, meet the brothers, and smoke cigars together. The day after the smokers is a day of silence before Boy’s Bid’s Day, which give Greeks and potentials a chance to make their final decisions.

Finally, last Saturday morning the potentials went to Colket Center to accept their bids and join the fraternities of their choice. After meeting their future brothers, they participate in a tunnel run full of sorority girls dressed in fantastic clothes largely covered in glitter. The new members ran through the tunnel of screaming girls with their new pledge brothers and go on to start the pledge process. These pledges will spend the rest of the semester learning the values and traditions of their organization, before they are initiated as full brothers.

The back quad was littered with sparkles and glitter the morning after Boy’s Bid’s Day by few of the Greeks who were out in full regalia the day before. Men’s and Women’s Formal recruitment has come to an end for this semester. The fraternities will soon be busy getting to know their new members as the semester goes on.