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Pi Kappa Phi Freshmen Scholarships Announced


By Rachel Miles


OnTuesday January 27, the winners of the Pi Kappa Phi Freshmen Scholarships were announced. The scholarship is given annually to four freshmen, two females and two male students, for outstanding performance. Two of the scholarships are worth one thousand dollars each and the scholarships for the runners up are each worth five hundred dollars.

The scholarship originates with the Xi Chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, which began with Roanoke’s fourteenth chapter of Pi Kappa Phi in 1916. Over the last 95 years, there have been 1100 members initiated into Pi Kappa Phi at Roanoke, one of which is Allen Woody, who is now a volunteer with the Xi chapter and works closely with the scholarship department. In a conversation with Woody, he expressed his pride in the fraternity and in it’s place at Roanoke College even today. According to statistics in the scholarship information, “The current members of the local chapter have the highest cumulative GPA of any fraternity at Roanoke College and boasts many campus leaders.” Allen said his success at this school was also largely due to his place in the fraternity, and he appreciates his opportunity as a volunteer to assist the current chapter in any way possible.

Within the national foundation for the fraternity, there is an investment fund worth 200,000 dollars for the Roanoke Chapter. From this investment fund, 5% is used annually for educational purposes, which is about 10,000 dollars. From this money, came the Outstanding Freshman Scholarship about seven years ago. During the summer, the Pi Kappa Phi alumni volunteers work with Roanoke College admissions to get mail out to all incoming freshmen, about seventy-five of which generally apply. Woody asked to specifically recognize the admissions department for their cooperation and accommodation to the foundation during this time. The freshmen are selected fifty percent based on academics, twenty-five on leadership, and twenty-five on community service and with no regard to their potential to join the fraternity. This year, the two one thousand dollar scholarships went to Tyler Hofmann-Reardon and Caroline Peterson, and the two five hundred dollar scholarships were awarded to Adam Wade Johnston and Sara  Farthing.

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