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Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By Rachel Miles


Jan. 13 was the opening of Roanoke Review’s new online format. At 3:30 p.m. in Miller Hall, refreshments were laid out on the first floor. Half a dozen laptops available in the lobby for guests to scroll through and explore what the new online layout had to offer.

The Roanoke Review has been a part of Roanoke College’s English Department since it was founded in 1967. In its history, it has shifted from being a local collection of works to a national review hosting writing from around the world as well as authors from within our college, such as poetry professor Robert Shultz. The Roanoke Review has, according to its new website, “established itself as an accessible read, intent on publishing down-to-earth writers with a sense of place, a sense of language, and—perhaps most importantly—a sense of humor.”

The Roanoke College English Department’s Paul Handstedt took over the physical printing of the review until this year when it became entirely web-based. Roanoke College’s Nick Fritz is the managing editor of this year’s online edition. The art and writing will retain the same quality as before, but will be available to anyone with access to the internet. The new website can be found at roanoke-review.squarespace.com. It is easy to locate sections for poetry, fiction & nonfiction, interviews, podcasts, gallery, archive, as well as find options for submissions and contacting the editors.