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Pagan Fellowship Hosts Meditation and Muffins



Photo Courtesy of Brieanah Gouveia
Photo Courtesy of Brieanah Gouveia

By Brieanah Gouveia


On March 10, at 7:30 p.m., the Pagan Fellowship hosted a relaxing event for inner-contemplation. President of the club, Elizabeth McMillen, led the meditation with a soothing dialogue. Members were told to envision themselves leaving their seats in Kime, descending down the stairs in Colket, and exiting the building, opening its doors to a lush naturescape that they were to roam and reflect in.

Sitting in complete silence and stillness for even a mere 15 minutes can be a great challenge for most people. However, this exercise exhibited how rewarding such acts of self-awareness really are. There is no harm in attempting to quiet one’s mind; rather it serves as an amazing stimulator of mental health and physical well-being, through the discipline and self-identification it calls for from those who endeavor to do it. If you do not already practice meditation on a regular basis, I urge everyone who reads this article to incorporate it into their daily routine. Meditation can consist of an act as simple as deep-breathing for a few minutes during a time of heightened stressed. Or it can take on a more strict form of exercise, where in a formal-seated position the individual frees himself/herself from all distractions and mental “monkey-chatter” for one or more hours. Whatever type of meditation is most appropriate for your schedule, do yourself a great service and try it out.

Members of the club set up a delectable food spread, in which blueberry and chocolate muffins, bite-sized cinnamon rolls, Sunny-D and Arizona tea were shared with all who participated. More than half of those who went to the meditation session were new faces, revealing the growing interest among the student body in this event.

This Friday, March 13, the Pagan Fellowship will also have a booth at “Speed Faithing,” which will take place in the atrium of Colket at 5:00 p.m. This event seeks to encourage the intermingling of different religious and spiritual affiliations, hopefully forging true bonds between students in the process. Following this event at 7:30 p.m., a film entitled Wadjda, which follows a Saudi girl in her attempts to buy a bicycle, will be shown in Pickle.