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Roanoke College: UpRising Campaign



By Gina Olson


From March 23-27, Roanoke College will hold an UpRising Campaign. Students will knock on dorm room doors, as well as have tables outside of Commons and in the Fintel Library. The goal is to raise Roanoke’s position from the #2 Up and Coming National Liberal Arts College in the U.S. to #1. Donations from current students, parents, and alumni support this effort.

“It really starts with students,” said Lisa Bowling, Assistant Vice President for Resource Development. Bowling stressed the importance of giving, even if the amount doesn’t seem very large. By giving, students not only “leave a legacy”, but they ensure that future students will have the same opportunities.

These gifts allow students to attend Roanoke without paying the “sticker price”, as well as helping to pay for additional benefits. Bowling said, it is the difference between having chicken nuggets or mystery meat in the cafeteria, unkempt flowers or well-tended flowers, activities such as Bingo, library books, athletics, and numerous other additions.

Last year, the first UpRising campaign was very successful among students, alumni, and parents. Even though not all students were approached, 406 gifts were given.

“We are just looking for a fun way to present something which might otherwise not come across as ‘fun’”, said Suzanne Hiner, Director of The Roanoke Fund Office of Resource Development.

“Students were so positive and upbeat and just had a great time with it,” said Bowling about last year’s success.

Students competed with each other to raise the most money. Last year, freshman (current sophomores) and juniors (current seniors) raised the highest and second highest amounts of money for the campaign respectively. Prizes were offered and it became a friendly competition among all classes.

This year, the campaign will follow a similar structure, and both Bowling and Hiner hope for more involvement.

“The best common denominator [ranking] systems have identified is alumni giving”, and this ranking acts as a “barometer of student and alumni satisfaction”, said Bowling.

Through this UpRising, students are encouraged to ask questions and learn about which areas their donations might impact. Just as it is a challenge, it is an opportunity for students to show their support and love for their college.