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Seniors on the Meal Plan Night at the Ritz Dinner Soiree

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By Matt Jorgensen


The Wortmann Ballroom hosted quite the dinner for its event “Seniors on the Meal Plan Night at the Ritz Dinner Soiree.” All the seniors, looking sharp in business casual attire, were very excited to hear two words: free drinks. The ‘cocktail hour’ presented the seniors with champagne peach schnapps shooters and complimentary amuse-bouche in the form of grilled shrimp and pastries. Once everyone was seated comfortably, a prayer was said around the room by hostess Nancy Goad with an introductory by Chef Matt to the oncoming courses. The meal included hors devours, red and white wine, an entrée consisting of surf and turf filet mignon and lobster tail, and last but not least the dessert special with toasted marshmallow, mousse assortment, and lemon drop shots.

The atmosphere couldn’t have been more welcoming, with the buzz of chatter among tables of friends and fine piano tunes in the background. There were toasts made, pictures taken, and drinks downed. The soiree was a defining Roanoke experience, putting the “class” in “Classic for tomorrow.” The Dinner at the Ritz was definitely a fun and elegant experience to remind seniors of the fifty days they have before they’re off to the real world, even if some may not be comfortable with that acknowledgement. At least they had delicious food and a plethora of drinks. To that, the senior class extends its thanks to the hosting party, the staff, and the chefs.