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Housing Selection Tips

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By Erin Keating


Housing selection at Roanoke College is arguably the most stressful time of the year, perhaps only second to finals. However, there are some tips that will (hopefully) prevent you from being homeless next semester.



  1. Bookmark www.roanoke.edu/housingselection on your web browser. Let’s face it, when we get stressed, we forget where we have to go to register for housing and inevitably have to Google it.  Save yourself the time and have the link easily available when your time slot opens.
  2. Know when your time slot opens! Look at your transcript (through WebAdvisor) to see how many units you have in order to figure out when you are slotted to select housing. Sometimes it is worth loading up on classes to get to be one of the first people to sign up for housing.
  3.  Consider squatting your room.  Squatting your room is a great way to ensure you have a space you like next semester. It also prevents you from dealing with the headaches caused by entering the housing lottery. The deadline to squat your room is March 30, so make sure to decide soon whether or not you want to squat.
  4. Pick a roommate before you pick your room. Even if you sign into the housing portal before your time slot opens, you can still pick a roommate and fill out the housing agreement. Taking care of this beforehand gives you more time to choose your room.
  5. Discuss the rooming situation with your roommate sooner rather than later. To avoid any surprises that might make the rest of the year awkward, start talking to your current roommate about your housing plans for next year. If you’re planning on separating, make sure that is clear before you blindside them during housing selection. Similarly, if you are planning on rooming together again next year, discuss where you want to live and who is going to be registering for housing first to maximize your chances of getting the room you want.
  6.  Create a preference list.  Since your ability to get the room you want entirely depends on when you can sign up for housing, be mentally prepared that you might not get to live in the dorm you want. In order to prevent yourself from being disappointed, create a list of dorms you’d like to live in so you have a plan of attack when the housing portal opens.


I hope these tips help you make it through the housing selection without drafting any angry emails to Res. Life.  Good luck!