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Letter to the Editor: Response to “From One Virgin to Another”



From Another Anonymous


Two weeks ago while perusing the Brackety-Ack as I do every Friday afternoon, I ran across the article “From One Virgin to Another” and, I wouldn’t say I was enraged, but I was slightly concerned. And by concerned I mean, I worry about the student who wrote this and her perception of the student body around her.

To the author: good for you. I’m glad that you have decided to wait. There shouldn’t be a stigma behind that decision, nor should it matter why you made that decision. If you want to wait, then wait, but don’t go around complaining about how you’re the only one and how that’s the reason you’ve never had a boyfriend. Most likely, those two things are unrelated. As you said in your letter to students- you aren’t judging, and neither am I. However, I am questioning why you think you are alone.

In your letter you said that “It is now junior year and it’s just me, still waiting.” News flash, it isn’t just you. Did you know that a recent study reported that out of 2,500 college aged females surveyed 43 percent of them reported that they were virgins? Would you call that a “small percentage?”

Other studies have also found that while about 25 percent (males included) of college students in the United States are virgins, those who are not mostly report only having one sexual partner. So there may be some males and females that are sleeping around, good for them, but they are not the majority. There’s nothing wrong with either being a virgin, or being someone who has a lot of sexual experience. Both of those are personal decisions.

Complaining about being alone because you choose to be a virgin is not the appropriate way to bring awareness. Check some facts before you keep thinking you’re the only one. So as you ended your letter with a contradictory statement about letting people know that they are not alone, I will end mine the same. You are not alone. There are other virgins around you. I may not be one, but more than half of my friends are and that’s not a small percentage, so you are really not alone, and you should take comfort in your friends no matter their sex lives. Take comfort in the strong decision you’ve made for yourself and embrace your friends who share this decision with you.