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Joe Boucher Workshop


Joe Boucher

By Matt Jorgensen


This week fifteen Roanoke students had the exciting opportunity to meet Hollywood producer, Joe Boucher. Boucher, an RC alum, gave English majors a chance to interact with him on a personal level by holding a workshop.

The 3 day workshop, which lasted from March 29 to April 1, broke down the foundation of film narratives. The producer of multiple hit shows, including The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and Good Vibes, shared his own story of how networking helped him progress in the entertainment industry. Boucher reminded students in the workshop that he, and many others in the field, started their journey with humble beginnings, but worked their way up to the notable positions they have today.

Boucher expressed his passion for working with current students of his alma mater. He said, “It was wonderful to be back at Roanoke College and I had a great time working with the students, who are some talented aspiring screenwriters.”

“I was really impressed with their humor, maturity and dedication to writing. They expressed a sincere interest in telling stories, that not only help them make sense of their world, but help impact people’s lives in the same way stories have impacted their own. Storytelling, especially in the visual arts, is such a powerful way to communicate, and I think we’re living at a time when we really need new ideas, stories and mythology. So, I really look forward to following what they do with their passion,” said Boucher.

The first day of the workshop was an icebreaker, and the fifteen students became more comfortable as the introductory portion of the seminar commenced. Students went around the room presenting themselves and discussing what inspires them to be future writers. There were moments when the room buzzed with talk about certain films and moments of everyone laughing about something. The casual atmosphere succeeded in helping everyone open up and even meet new people who are interested in the same field of work.

All three sessions had their fill of constructive analysis in terms of film structure. Boucher went over examples of different films and how they worked by following a formula (or experimenting with it). The workshops were overall a very productive experience and the lucky students were enthusiastic about learning from an experienced Hollywood writer/producer.