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Dr. Almeder Begins Creative Writing Project on Public Transportation

Photo Courtesy of Writer By Bus Roanoke
Photo Courtesy of Writer By Bus Roanoke

By Rachel Miles


Over the course of March and April, poetry and literature professor Dr. Melanie Almeder has begun a residency with the Arts by Bus Program. Her specific branch is the Writer by Bus Program in which she will travel on the public transportation system, writing about her experiences and inspirations along the way. At the end of the month, her work will be publicized as a collection. Up until that point, her ideas and drafts will be posted on the Writer By Bus Facebook page. In addition to her own work, Almeder has been attempting to incorporate the work of the public into this collection. By posting prompts on the Facebook page, the process has begun to encourage others to participate in the experience as well.

Dr. Almeder has allowed her classes to help her in the brainstorming as well as the writing process of the Writer by Bus Program. Through the collective effort, Almeder is establishing the opportunity to put dropboxes at the bus stations and golf pencils so that the everyday bus rider will also have the chance to share their writings.

An example of one of Almeder’s musings posted on the Facebook page is, “Sign on the bus: ‘Video Surveillance with Audio Recording’–writing exercise: let’s all write then whisper poems to the audio surveillance recorders. Note to self: ask who’s job it is to listen to the surveillance and ask to interview them.” Ideas like this may lead to concepts in poems in the final product that will be revealed at the end of April.