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Men’s Lacrosse vs. Washington and Lee

Photo Courtesy of Emily Sierra Poertner
Photo Courtesy of Emily Sierra Poertner

By Emily Sierra Poertner


On Wednesday night, after a short rainy delay, the men’s lacrosse team faced off against Washington & Lee. The game was advertised as one of this week’s “Pack the House” games, and the stadium filled with both Roanoke and W&L fans. The Maroons led the entire match, and won with a final score of 6-4. Roanoke’s record for the season advances to 7-5, 4-2 in the ODAC. The Generals are now 8-6, 3-3 in ODAC.

There were a few shots on goal by each team in the opening minutes of the game. Both teams showed their strength on defense, not allowing good passes or openings near the net. Roanoke found the weak point in the General’s defense though. Joey Dishaw scored the first goal for Roanoke across the body of the goalie. A few minutes later Steven Jackson scored a goal for the Maroons from the same spot the first goal came from. After the first period, Roanoke led 2-0.

In the second quarter, a lot of shots were attempted but no one scored. After almost fifteen minutes since the last goal, going back to the first quarter, the Generals scored off a turnover. A minute later, Kevin Jackson scored for the Maroons. Before halftime, Washington & Lee scored once more, bringing the game to 3-2, with the Maroons holding a narrow lead.

To open the third quarter, Will Plait scored after fourteen seconds with the assist from Conn Curry. There was another long spell with no scoring. Many of the shots on goal were off their mark, either high or wide. A scuffle between a few players eventually lead to a delay of a game penalty on a W&L player. The Maroons took advantage of the man-up opportunity and Kevin Jackson scored with an assist from IV Stucker. The Generals scored once more in the third, so that the score was 5-3 with the Maroons winning going into the final quarter.

In the opening minute, Dishaw made his second goal of the night. Both teams continued to play strong defense, not allowing any good shots. With six minutes left in the game, Washington & Lee scored, bringing them within two. Hoping to get back in the game, the Generals pushed hard on the Maroons, who continued their great defense. On turnovers, the Maroons simply tried to run the clock and secure their win. The Maroons stayed strong and ended the game with a 6-4 win.

Dylan Torrey spent the entire game in the goal for the Maroons with a total of eleven saves. Dishaw and Kevin Jackson led the Maroons in scoring with two goals each. Kevin Jackson also led in shots on goal, with a total of eight. Wes Pancoast and Curry led in ground ball pickups, each getting five.

Don’t miss men’s lacrosse on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. as they face off against Shenandoah.