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The Sexperts: Dating Tips for the LGBT Community


The Sexperts have come to realize that some students at Roanoke College may have a hard time finding a significant other. It’s not because they’re socially awkward or fundamentally unattractive, there are simply less suitors from which they can choose. This week’s article will help our LGBT students (and the straight ones too) navigate the dating field.

Most people don’t come to college to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it is an added bonus when you find someone special who is there for you through these four hectic years, and maybe beyond. So what do you do? You decide to come to a small, Lutheran college in the Bible belt that lacks diversity, but at least it’s not Liberty. Surprise! A campus of a little more than 2,000 students only has a handful of students batting for the same team. What now?

First, don’t be afraid to see what Roanoke has to offer you. Yes, you probably only have about 25 options, 8 of which are already taken, 6 of them which you don’t find attractive, and 5 more who don’t have a great personality (because, yes, that matters too). Great, we’ve narrowed the initial pool of 2,000 down to 6. Even though 5 of those 6 have either dated or hooked up with someone else on campus, get out there and pretend like you’re not making out with the ex of someone you just went on a date with.

After you’ve exhausted all of your resources at Roanoke, it’s time to move onto the mysterious, the legendary: tinder. Tinder is a great way to meet other people near you who are interested in getting with you, because you’re a hottie! There is a lot of potential in finding a date or hook-up or whatever you’re looking for on the app, albeit you could do better than most of the people on tinder. Not to mention, starting a relationship when you cannot see the other person on a regular basis is difficult.

What happens if the first two steps didn’t work out for you? You come to realize that you are a strong independent gay that don’t need no (insert gender pronoun here). There’s nothing wrong with being single. It gives you more of an opportunity to see what’s out there, and to experiment. Most importantly, remember that every year there’s a whole new batch of the LGBT community to choose from (that boy or girl you’ve been crushing on probably has one foot out of the closet already), and that at the end of four years you get to move wherever you want and start the search all over again. You made it through middle school, so dating at a small college is a piece of cake. Get out there and have fun, and always remember, the Park is prime hunting grounds (if you’re into 50-year-olds with a beer belly).


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Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images