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Back to School: Bingo



By Emily Geno

On Friday, September 4, Roanoke College students filed into Alumni gym for the first Bingo of the year. Students sported Roanoke gear, and were full of school spirit for one of the most popular campus events.

Bingo is a favorite activity among students, so the excitement levels were high. The theme was “Endless Summer,” and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) had over $2,000 in prizes lined up for the lucky winners. Among the giveaways were gift cards to iTunes and Red Lobster, camping supplies, movie packs, an Apple TV, and the big prize of the night: an Apple Watch.The Bingo Callers on Friday were President and Mrs. Maxey, and Director of Residence Life Jimmy Whited. As they called out numbers, students furiously stamped their cards in the hopes of being the next winner.

Between rounds, students danced to popular music and participated in various contests for small prizes.“It was fun being with friends and listening to music,” said sophomore Hayley Moe.

Event supervisor Karla Williams said, “It was the best Bingo that has been put on since I have been here on campus. The contests that were incorporated throughout were a first and I think the students enjoyed that aspect very much.”

Normally, bingo ends with “Black Out,” which is the most intense round with the highest stakes. But, this year, the game “Worst Card” was used for the last round. Every player stands up, and if a number is called that is on their bingo card, they’re out. Groans and cheers rang throughout the gym as the numbers dwindled, until only one student was left.

Overall, the first Bingo of the year was a major success. When it comes around again in December, every student should plan to attend.