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Club Spotlight: Eye to Eye



Got Dyslexia?

How about ADHD? Or maybe you have dyscalculia, auditory processing disorder, or dysgraphia? Some call them “learning and attention issues,” others call them “learning disabilities,” or “learning differences.” Now you have the chance to call your LD or ADHD something else: an opportunity.

As of this fall, Roanoke College is home to the newest of 50 chapters of Eye to Eye, a national mentoring movement that pairs college students who have learning disabilities and ADHD with middle school students who have the same struggles. In weekly Eye to Eye Art rooms, mentors craft with their mentees, and show them what it looks like to succeed with a LD or ADHD.

For a lot of students who learn differently, school can be a chore, and in some cases it is more like an inescapable recurring nightmare. If kids are told that they could succeed and given the tools to do so, it might not be so hard; however,many students report being told over and over that they should not expect to ever make it to college. The aims of Eye to Eye are twofold: they are striving to correct this self-defeating educational trend by offering young students proof that they can succeed, and also are trying to help students learn about their own LD/ADHD, and give them the tools they need to tackle a system that doesn’t always work.

The Roanoke College chapter of Eye to Eye is shaping up to be great for mentors and mentees alike. Although the first interest meeting on Wednesday, September 9 had a relatively low turnout, the group continues to work out kinks in their schedule and expects to be able to gather a fantastic group of mentors and allies. Eye to Eye has some great events planned for their members and for the whole Roanoke College community. Look forward to a “Know Your Rights Night” info session in the winter and something involving ice cream. Eye to Eye at RC will be a safe space and fun learning experience for not only the middle school mentees, but their mentors and allies as well.

For more information on Eye to Eye, check out the organization’s Facebook page, Eye to Eye National. To get involved with Eye to Eye at RC, contact Freya Kistner  at fjkistner@mail.roanoke.edu or Hannah Bear at hmbear@mail.roanoke.edu.