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Timeflies Returns to Roanoke


By Brianna MacQuaide

Photo Courtesy of Christy Blevins
Photo Courtesy of Christy Blevins


On September 19 Roanoke College welcomed Timeflies and Coin to perform at RC’s annual Fall Concert sponsored by CAB and SGA. When the doors opened at 7:30 p.m., a smoky atmosphere with flashing lights surrounded Bast Gym, giving off a club like aroma.

The opening act for Timeflies was a new alternative band Coin. They took center stage and rocked the house, starting the night off with a bang! The audience danced around and seemed to enjoy Coin. This set atmosphere for the night. Although Coin was formed three short months ago in Nashville, Tennessee, they are currently touring the U.S. and debuting their first album “Run” as an opening act for various artists. Coin’s pop rock feel gave the crowd of nearly three hundred enthusiastic students the boost of energy to get the night started. Prior to handing the stage over, the lead singer and keyboardist, Chase Lawrence, invited the crowd to come meet and greet the band members before setting off for their next event.

After thirty-minutes of sound checks, Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick (Timeflies) ran onto the stage and immediately jumped into a song from their “Just For Fun,” album which had been released the night before. Flashing lights and the screams of fans filled Bast for the next hour and a half. The sheer energy given off by Timeflies was exhilarating and allowed for more fun when they interacted with the audience and encouraged them to dance some more. As the night progressed, Timeflies took a step back from covers and original albums to give Roanoke their own personal free style rap.

Perhaps the biggest hit of the night was when leading man Cal Shapiro free styled this rap, which was dedicated solely to RC and the students. This part of their performance was a crowd favorite. It showed special attention to the audience which is something worthwhile and looked for in any concert. Timeflies thanked the crowd for their opportunity to return to the college and their continued support as they had previously performed in the Fall of 2012.

Once they left the stage, the students roared  “Encore, encore, encore,” through the gym and luckily enough, Timeflies came back to the stage for one last song. During their last performance, Cal asked the crowd to “go crazy,” because they were filming the song to put it in their new music video.

The whole experience was unique to the school and students, and the involvement with the crowd from both bands made the experience even more thrilling. Timeflies and Coin both left after leaving a strong impression with the audience and an increased fan base on the Roanoke College campus.