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Resturaunt Review: Macado’s


By Allie Zaleski


Are you looking for an eclectic blend of food and atmosphere? Well take a peek down Salem’s Main Street and find it at Macado’s, a local favorite that is rapidly expanding as customers just can get enough of “DO’s.”

According to their website, Macado’s originally opened in downtown Roanoke in 1978, and was an instant favorite among locals and passer-by’s alike. Walking into Macado’s, one feels entirely at ease with the homey booths, cheerful colors, and high ceilings that display charming works of art and sports memorabilia. Once seated, one is presented with a menu that seems to go on forever, and just when there can’t possibly be any more sandwich options, the menu unfolds to display even more.

While the selection may seem overwhelming, one cannot deny that there is something to please everyone on the menu. From impressively creative sandwiches, to tantalizing appetizers, and an extensive dessert menu, Macado’s delivers from start to finish.

The service is always performed with a smile, with extra-attentiveness, and is never rushed. It gives customers the opportunity to truly enjoy the food, the company, and the sheer number of sandwiches.

To start, the Salsa Con Queso is a zippy, rich option from the appetizer menu. It is served in a small crock to keep warm, surrounded by a mountain of colorful, light tortilla chips. It just may be possible to create an entire meal out of the satisfyingly spicy and creamy dip.

The Potato Skins are an undoubtable favorite, served warm with generous proportions of bacon and cheddar cheese piled on top of them, but the Mexican Skins outperform. Prepared with all of the classic fixings of nachos, such as jalapenos, onions, and cheese, they elevate traditional potato skin to a new standard.

As for the sandwiches, the “Titanic” lives up to its name. It is a prime rib sandwich with Swiss cheese and au jus for dipping, and creates a major explosion of flavor in the mouth, as all of the rich, dark, flavors complement each other.

If you’re looking for something that has a perfect balance of texture and flavor, the Honeymooner is an excellent choice. Based on a croissant, the sandwich includes crispy bacon, melted Swiss cheese, and tomato, like an haute couture grilled cheese.

However, as far as unique sandwiches go, the “Hindenberg” really takes the cake. It is a massive meal, made to serve four, complete with French bread, deli meats, lettuce, onions, tomato, and special Macado’s sauce.

For dessert, you cannot miss the “Cinnamon Sensation” and the “Elvis with a Twist.” The former is a gigantic cinnamon roll that is served with vanilla ice cream, making for the perfect end to a hearty meal. The latter is a toasted croissant piled high with peanut butter, bananas, chocolate ice cream, and whipped cream to top it off. It is a classic spin on Elvis’ legendary favorites, and it a must-have dessert.

Macado’s is a whimsical place to visit with friends and family, whether you’re sitting outside on the beautiful patio, enjoying a meal, or rooting for your favorite team at the bar. It’s a must-visit place on anyone’s list.