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Television Review: How To Get Away With Murder

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images

That’s the question that the dramatic end to season one of How to Get Away with Murder left us with to contemplate all summer long. Yet, with the ending of the premiere episode of the second season on September 24, we find ourselves with a more important question posed: Who shot Annalise Keating?

Do not continue to read for fear of spoilers if you haven’t 1. Finished season one, or 2. Watched the first episode of season 2.

In one large twist, season 2 of Murder is back on the fast track of being one of the best series on television this fall. Annalise (Viola Davis) and her ambitious law students are at it again. The episode quickly starts with foreshadowing to the shooting with Annalise teaching a lesson in her law class about who is most likely to kill you. In the beginning it is asserted that murderers are usually people who know the victim personally. Flash forward to two months later and we hear the same assertion being made in an overlaid narration as Annalise lays clinging to her stomach gunshot wound and Wes (Alfred Enoch) fleeing the scene.

No longer is Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) murder the pressing question of the season, but Murder sets up an entire season full of mysterious dark pasts and more questions than the first. Let’s discuss the first question mentioned, who killed Rebecca? Easily assumed, I thought this would be the plot of the season. Wrong. Halfway into the episode we learn the truth of the murderer, but not until we are led to question everyone from Frank to Wes. In the aftermath of the murder, Frank (Charlie Weber) is ordered to quickly hide the body, and convince everyone that Rebecca has just escaped and is in hiding. And due to this, the entire gang at Annalise’s is extremely stressed because if Rebecca is missing that means she could hold the key to their incarceration. Frank spies on everyone’s computers, tries to catch Wes in a lie, and…finds no leads.

So who killed Rebecca? Annalise strongly refuses to think it is Wes, and even through his defiance and disrespectful behavior in class, Annalise is determined to get the truth from him. So naturally she invites her student over to her house, late at night, to cook dinner all in an attempt to get is emotional confession about Rebecca. Luckily for audience members, we see Wes get angry towards Rebecca for running off and we know he is not the murderer…this time. Upon discussion of this outburst, Annalise hears Frank proclaim that “it’s always the quiet ones,” and thus Annalise confronts and discovers that it is the cowardly Bonnie (Liza Weil) who killed Rebecca in order to protect Annalise. Flashback to Rebecca’s murder and Bonnie’s crazy eyes.

There are still a lot of ends to be tied up from last season, such as who is Eggs 911, and how will Nate get out of being framed for Lila’s murder? A thickening plot unfolds that includes a snooping detective, Conner finally moving in with Oliver and Annalise’s ex female-lover Eve (Famke Janssen), who is now awkwardly representing Nate in his trial. There is much to see this season which appears to be following a strange murder case with (incestuous) adopted twins. The characters are developing even further and are starting to crack under their secrets.

Be sure to watch How to Get Away with Murder on Thursdays at 10p.m. on ABC to follow the gang and Annalise in their secrets, lies, and murder cases.