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Television Review: New, New Girl?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images


In the past few years, the up and coming FOX TV show, New Girl, has captivated its fans through its comical and outgoing cast.

The storyline follows a twenty-something, gregarious goofball named Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, who goes through a messy breakup and is forced to find a new living situation. She moves in with three humorous men, all with contrasting personalities; Nick, a sarcastic and socially incompetent bartender, Winston, a colorblind misfit who involves himself in various odd jobs, and Schmidt who, although pompous and lucrative, manages to keep their loft in one piece. The four young adults become close through road trips, drinking games and late night one-on-one advice. Schmidt’s arrogant personality results in his inability to filter what comes out of his mouth. Because of this, his roommates create the “Douchebag Jar,” which Schmidt must contribute money to when he says something “douche-y.”

Throughout the second and third season, Jess becomes romantically involved with Nick and their awkward yet adorable relationship is intended to relate to those relationships of the average young adult couple. Other main characters in the series include Jess’s best friend, Cece, a bubbly supermodel who becomes romantically involved with Schmidt, and Coach, a cocky former athlete who had previously lived with the guys. Four seasons have been produced so far and the vast majority of viewers have grown to love the quartet.

As the production of the fifth season sneaks up around the corner, an unexpected surprise is in store for New Girl’s devoted viewers. Megan Fox, the notoriously successful actress, is taking over for Deschanel while she is on maternity leave. Fox will only appear in four episodes, as the producers attempt to “churn things up in the loft” while Jess is on jury duty in the show. There have been mixed reviews about Fox’s sudden addition to the cast; the first episode in which Fox appears will air in January of 2016.

I have asked several students about their reaction to this minor alteration in casting and most of their responses have been on the negative side. While we cannot make assumptions as to how Fox’s role will play out, I know many of us are looking forward to tuning in!