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Orange you pump(kin)ed for Halloween?


By Kaitlin Lertora

Last Thursday, October 29, students gathered in the Allegheny Multi-Purpose room to compete in a pumpkin carving contest. The event was sponsored by the Scholars LLC and the Colket Center.

Participants were given tools and stencil kits to help them design their masterpieces. Students creatively carved their pumpkins, a few even used their artistic skills to incorporate parts of the cut out pumpkin into their finished product. Some participants carved the traditional smiley-face onto their pumpkins while others went out on a limb, carving skulls, intricate patterns or shapes. One creation looked like a spin-off of Mr. Potato head.

The event lasted from 5-7 PM and at the end the pumpkins were judged on creativity. Prizes consisted of different gift cards: first place received a gift card to the bookstore; second place received one to BTO (the new frozen yogurt place); and third place received one to Fruitions. I was impressed with students’ imaginative creations and I could tell the judges were too. Overall, students seemed to enjoy their time carving pumpkins and were happy to take home their work.

Photo Courtesy of Kaitlin Lertora
Photo Courtesy of Kaitlin Lertora