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Dear Sue: “Caffeinated Crystal”


Dear Sue,

I really like Starbucks coffee. I mean I like all coffee, to the point that I am probably addicted to it, but I really enjoy Starbucks coffee especially. However, my family is also pretty religious, and I am worried about how I am going to drink Starbucks over Thanksgiving break! I don’t want the ombre red cups this year to offend them! I personally have no qualms about it because coffee is coffee, is it not? I know the minimalist red cups will offend them, and I don’t want to go through coffee withdrawal just for that!

Please Help,

Caffeinated Crystal

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images


Dear Caffeinated Crystal,

First, thank you for sharing your love of coffee. As finals are rapidly approaching, I’m sure it comforts other students to know they are not the only ones “addicted” to coffee or Starbucks. As for your main problem, I say drink your Starbucks. Do not worry about offending anyone; like you said: “coffee is coffee.” It doesn’t matter where it is from or what color or design is on a cup it is in. At this point, are you sure that the red cups are going to offend your family? Unless they have outright told you or expressed concerns about a red cup, I suggest you do a little research to calm your nerves. Currently, this is a hot topic on social media with #MerryChristmasStarbucks, and you might be getting sucked into the hype. Your best bet is to talk to your family and ask them what they think about the new design. You’ll get a sense if they care about it at all or feel it is offensive, and since you yourself do not care, here are some points that you can make to change their minds so you can enjoy your holiday cup of cheer. First, you should point out that “cranberry red” is a Christmas color, and therefore these cups still represent the holidays. Second, you should ask them if themes like snowflakes and snowmen represented the Christian-spirit more than a plain red color. If you are really concerned about the backlash from your family by pointing out the flaws in their argument, there is another way to go about drinking Starbucks. You can purchase one of their reusable plastic cups for a couple dollars and use this over break (don’t worry; they are white). Not only do you get to help the environment, but you get to save ten cents every time you buy coffee with that cup! You can also simply brew some coffee at home over break if you do not want to take a chance at all with Starbucks. The new cups are meant to embrace the quietness and simplicity of the holidays, so best of luck with your coffee habit. I hope you are able to enjoy the seasonal drinks and cheer from Starbucks.

Best of Luck,

Sue Z. Maroon