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Bittle’s Bash


By Erin Hannon

Nov. 17 marked this year’s annual Founder’s Day Celebration at Roanoke College. Founder’s Day is the annual birthday celebration of Roanoke College’s founder and first president, David F. Bittle.

The Founder’s Day celebrations included many traditions from years past including: a bonfire, carriage rides, and a procession to East Hill cemetery, the location of former President Bittle’s grave. However, the most memorable tradition by far is Bittle’s Bash.


This year, Bittle’s Bash was held in the newly renovated Bank Building for the first time. The main floor of the building was completely transformed with a stage, lights, speakers, and a very excited audience. The bash began with a costume contest in which students showed off their homemade historical costumes representing everything from the 1770’s to the 1980’s. With numerous entries, judging was not an easy task;however, Professors Hawke, Henolds, and Willingham were eventually able to come to a decision.

Prizes were awarded for first and second place. Second Prize went to Coleman Hoth. Hoth’s costume was inspired by the 1980’s and his prize was a Gore-Lieberman 2000 campaign button. First place went to Olivia Streett with her 1970’s themed costume, complete with white go-go boots. Streett won the opportunity to have her name on the ceremonial piggy bank alongside other winners of Bittle’s Bash Costume Contest.


After presenting tthe prizes, Professor Willingham and Professor Hawke then kicked off karaoke with a duet of the Barenaked Ladies’ song “If I had a Million Dollars.”

Karaoke continued throughout the night with many amazing performances from both students and faculty members. Like the costumes, the song choices also reflected many different eras as the participants sang everything from Respect by Aretha Franklin to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

This year’s Bittle’s Bash was a clear success, and left everyone counting down the days until next year’s founders day.