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Cell Service On and Around Campus


By Kaitlin Lertora

If you have been struggling to get cellular service in certain areas of campus, you are not alone. Students have complained about lack of service in certain dorms, academic buildings, and study halls. After personally going through two different servers (T-Mobile and AT&T), I can speak to these issues firsthand.


T-Mobile carriers should be aware of the lack of signal in certain Market Street dorms, the basement level in Miller, the Print shop, the bottom level of the Colket Center, the lower level in Bast and the bottom level in Alumni, for example.

As for those who have AT&T, there is more coverage than T-Mobile offers, but there are still certainly some trouble spots. For example, I still seem to struggle with cell service in the bottom of Colket and Bast. However, the service is considerably better than T-Mobile in other areas around campus.

I have spoken with people who have Verizon as their carrier, and a majority of them said they did not have any problems anywhere on campus. However, considering the vast majority of students on campus have an iPhone or a smartphone, which are able to operate fully on Wi-Fi capability, students are rarely stuck without a connection.

Other places that students have been known to spend their time studying and finding service issues includes Mill Mountain, BTO, and the Salem Public Library. Mill Mountain seems to be a dead spot for those who have T-Mobile and AT&T, but Verizon servers allegedly reach these places without any trouble. BTO, the yogurt place down the street from campus, has not seemed to give students trouble with service on any of the three main carriers. A personal favorite study spot is the town library on Main St. in Salem, and the service there has always been excellent. Additionally, they offer free Wi-Fi for those who need it.

Another well-loved spot by Roanoke Students is the Starbucks on Main St., which also offers free Wi-Fi and hasn’t been a problem for students with all sorts of cellular carriers.

Lastly, Elizabeth Campus, about two miles away from the main campus, has been known to offer strong service for a majority of carriers. However, many of these same students have mixed reviews about the Wi-Fi connectivity.

I have only spoken to a few students on campus who have servers such as Sprint and U.S. Cellular, and their service seems to be similar to AT&T. Because some students are on different cell phone plans, their data usage is something that is frequently taken into consideration. The different internal server has allowed for increased accessibility to the school’s Wi-Fi, which has helped with the data usage problem around campus that is also sometimes experienced.