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Tragedy in Paris


The weekend of Nov. 13 saw a tragedy occur in Paris where upwards of 120 people were killed in a widespread terrorist attack headed by ISIS. CNN reports in their timeline of the events that the first attack took place late Friday evening at Le Stade de France where the French president, Francois Hollande, was attending a futbol game. The two explosions at this venue were set off by suicide bombers and killed four.

Only five short minutes later, masked gunmen drove up to two separate restaurants with assault rifles and seriously injured ten civilians. CNN reports that over 100 shell casings were discovered at the scene.

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After another ten-minute interval, the next attack occurred outside of a bar on a nearby road. Five were killed at this location and eight more were seriously injured and rushed to the hospital. At another restaurant across the city, gunmen arrived in a similar black vehicle. They opened fire and killed 19 pedestrians and injured nine more, causing ambulances to be heard across the city. Just fifteen minutes after the first bombs in Le Stade, a suicide bomber entered another restaurant and injured several.

Simultaneously, a similar black vehicle carries three gunmen to Bataclan, a concert venue in the city currently hosting Eagles of Death Metal, a California-based rock group. “Allah Akbar” was allegedly heard being yelled as the three gunmen entered the venue, shooting both those running away and those surrendering on the ground. This scene eventually became one of hostages and victims to be later recovered by the police hours later when they finally break into the building. Upon their entrance, the police killed all three gunmen. Victims reportedly emerged from the building around 12:30a.m. on Saturday covered in blood into waiting ambulances, police vehicles, and the arms of loved ones.

In the 24 hours after the attacks, “The Atlantic” states that there were roughly 130 raids on suspected militants in the country, and 115,000 security forces have been mobilized. In the same time period, French warplanes were sent over known bases of ISIS in Syria to retaliate.

The day after the attacks and the raid consisted of the piecing together of various clues from the aftermath. It was determined that at least one terrorist was from Paris, one from Egypt, and one from Syria. Also that day, noted terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for Friday’s attacks as well as threatening further action. It seems as though the attacks may have been in response to recent airstrikes against ISIS from France. President Hollande said that this event was an “act of war… prepared and planned elsewhere,” and that France would be “ruthless in its response.”


The United States, spoken for by President Barack Obama, stands “shoulder-to-shoulder” with France during this time of tragedy along with many other world leaders, many of whom are considering their own military action against ISIS. Currently, President Obama has declined to send ground troops to the area.

The violence in Paris has been the most seen on France’s soil since the second World War. A total of 129 were killed during the attacks, and upwards of 300 more were injured.