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By Drew Luther

Photo Courtesy of RC
Photo Courtesy of RC


At 9PM on Dec. 4, the Campus Activities Board hosted the Winter Wonderland Bingo. The event was emceed by members of the Residence Life and Housing Department. Many students wore festive attire including Christmas sweaters and Santa hats.

With flashing lights and loud music, the event was quite different from the Bingo played at a retirement community. Hundreds of numbers were stamped every second, and thousands of cards were filled up and discarded over the course of the event.

Prizes for the game ranged from movie packs, a shaving kit, an iPad Mini, and the main prize of a hoverboard.

In between rounds, the emcees hosted a present wrapping competition to see which group of students could wrap their present the best in a short amount of time.

Students got a little irritated with the announcers calling numbers that weren’t relevant to the method of play, like calling Is, Ns, and Gs for a game of four corners.

In the ‘Worst Card’ round, everyone was disappointed at first because the two finalists somehow were confused how the game went, and nobody ended up winning. When the round restarted to crown an actual winner, the finalists checked each other’s card as well as their own to make sure the other wasn’t cheating.

Although many people left without any success after several hours, most students enjoyed the event and were glad they participated.