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Book Review: “The Average American Male”

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Firstly, I would just like to announce that the vulgarity in this novel is absolutely brilliant. The book was written from a male perspective, and “The Average American Male” by Chad Kultgen is littered with sex scenes, but not ridiculous and overly-dramatic scenes such as those in a book like “Fifty Shades of Grey”. These sexual encounters are realistic and an honest insight into the male mind. This novel is essentially telling us that men are almost always singularly thinking about sex.

For most of us, this comes as no surprise. There has always been that running joke that men think more with their penis than their brain. However, the actual extent to which men think about sex is honestly shocking. It’s hard to depict just how much this novel is saying that men think about sex, but let’s just say it is more than any woman could predict.

When this book was first published, though, Harper-Perennial had a hard time getting any press on it, which is surprising considering the content. So, the publishers went to YouTube to start making videos as promotions. These videos are less than a minute, low-budget films that express some of the ideas written in this book. Truthfully, I find that to be an ingenious form of marketing, and it seemed to work for them because the videos went viral. They’re so blunt and vacant of any sugar-coating that it seems like people are really looking to them as insights into the male mind.

However, I don’t even see why they had trouble in marketing because this concept was such a revelation to me. Reading this brutal truth explained a lot of behavior that I’ve noticed throughout the years. The main character in this novel, a typical 20-year-old man, possesses emotions, but it seems that they are controlled by his sex drive. No matter how much I wanted to hate this character for his view of women, though, I found myself rooting for him in the end. Looking at this character, the reader feels almost sorry for him. Here is this man who really just wants to not be bored in bed, but he can’t stop dating these ditsy, one-layered women. It’s not his fault though, right? He can’t help who he is attracted to.

Here’s the thing, though; there are so many women out there who wouldn’t bore a man to tears, but these are not the ones that the main character wants. He wants the body. The body is what leads to good sex. As a woman, though, my opinion lays towards the more emotional side. Towards the end, the character starts to learn this. He falls in love with the girl that can give him the relationship, and sex, that he has been dreaming of.

However, when the sex slows down in the relationship, he gets bored again. This is something that I think Kultgen is really trying to drive home to readers about the mid-twenties male. He is honestly trying to make us realize just how much the sexual drive controls these men, which maybe isn’t all true. I don’t own a penis, so I don’t know. But, if it is, I suppose that explains a lot of strange activity from men since the dawn of time.