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Boys’ Bids Day


By Kaitlyn Paiton

Boys’ Bids Day 2016 was successfully celebrated this past Saturday at Roanoke College. Essentially this day is an holiday within sorority and fraternity life on  college campuses.

Boys’ Bids Day, also known as BBD, is a day in which those who rushed certain fraternities finally receive their well earned bids. Along with their bids, the boys also receive a well earned celebration and this, of course, means the sororities are going to join in on the fun. A number of alumni also make the trek down to Sunny Salem to attend this event annually. bids

This day starts off with many individuals preparing for the awaited tunnel run. During this event, a majority of RC’s sororities line up and eagerly await to cheer on the new pledges. This is a tradition in which the brothers of each fraternity runs through the tunnel with their new pledges following along. The tunnel of students is always filled with cheers, screams, and lots of smiles as the pledges run through.

A new brotherhood is formed on BBD for many of these young men. This is a new beginning for these pledges and while I believe this weekend was a lot of fun for the new pledges, I do not think they fully comprehended the friendships that are about to take place within their new fraternities. BBD weekend was filled with a lot of fun for the new pledges of the fraternities and they will soon go on to realize that this is just the beginning and a lot lies ahead of them.