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Dear Sue: “Lackadaisical Lue”


Dear Sue,

We are not that far into spring semester and I feel like I am already falling behind. I literally feel like I have lost all my motivation and can’t seem to get back in the swing of things. It just feels like it’s not worth it. I want to make good grades, but sometimes it just seems like this school doesn’t wants you to make an A. What do I do?


Lackadaisical Lue


Dear Lue,

I am sorry to hear that you feel going to college and working hard “isn’t worth it.” Let me give it to you straight, right off the bat.

It is.

If you’ve already come this far, gotten into college, and completed at least one semester, then you need to continue on. This may not be the nicest way to approach this, but the simple fact of the matter is that you will have an entirely difficult time in the real world without at least a college diploma. So, yes, if you want to go far and accomplish some dream of yours, it is worth it to continue.

Now, on the other side, I can tell you that college may not be for everyone, and that is a fair point. Even if college isn’t for you, I highly suggest you push through and finish your education. As for falling behind this semester, I feel you. It is really hard to transition back to Roanoke after a month off for break. Look ahead. If you set a goal that you can reach in a couple of weeks academically, then this may motivate you. Start writing down your schedule in a planner and slugging through your homework assignments, then reward yourself with a thirty minute break in between assignments. This might help get you back on your feet.

As for falling behind, don’t fret too much quite yet. Like you said, it is only the beginning of the semester. I’m sure the rest of your peers also feel like they are falling behind. Take a minute, and breathe, and remember that planner I mentioned earlier; use it. This will help you keep track of what you need to do, when you need to be somewhere, etc.  Using a planner will help you scale down how much you feel you have to do, versus how much you actually have to do, and that should help cut down your feelings of falling behind. As for Roanoke being hard, yes, we are a difficult college. But RC also works hard to make sure you reach your full potential, which is why we have higher standards here. But remember, not everything is about an A. Unless you are going to graduate school later on, your GPA is not going to matter terribly much in the long run. Employers normally do not care about your GPA, they care about your degree and experience. But I understand the drive to make high grades and A’s, so my best advice to you is to 1) never compare yourself to others, and 2) really get on that planner because that will help you schedule when to study.

Best of Luck,

Sue Z. Maroon