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Happy Hundred Days


By Brianna Hall

Roanoke College’s annual 100 Days Party entails a night of free alcohol and mixed emotions as seniors get together to celebrate their upcoming graduation. It is a fun night for all even if they know exactly what their post grad plans are or, like most, are still lost thinking about heading into the dark abyss known as “adulthood.”

This event, which is often described as bittersweet, brings the entire class back together for the first time since freshman year orientation to reminisce about everything from embarrassing first year mistakes (usually followed by, “I can’t believe I did that!”); to conversations about that one class with that one professor; to unforgettable May Term trips where everyone bonded with the person they complained about before they actually got to know them (something along the lines of, “Why does she have to be on this trip?”). The countless experiences that brought everyone together as a class felt like they happened yesterday, as emotions were heightened and memories spread throughout the room.

BW 100 DAYs

The lobby of the Colket Center, where the party was held, filled up with those needing to take a breather from the live entertainment that took place in the Pickle Lounge. Seniors paraded the stage to sing crowd-loving karaoke throwbacks from the ‘90s, as their friends recorded videos on Snapchat for blackmail; it was truly a memorable night.

From singing along to NSYNC at sixth grade birthday parties, to belting it during karaoke 100 days from gradation, it was easy to realize how fast time flies and the need to enjoy each and every moment. The night carried laughs that turned to tears, and looks that turned into warm embraces, as it became apparent that college is coming to an end, and time will only speed up from here.

The 100 Days Party was a night where all guards came down, regardless of being involved in different activities and organizations, everyone branched out and spoke to people they usually wouldn’t have the opportunity to.

The seniors seemed extremely grateful to have this opportunity, provided by the school, to take time to reflect on these momentous four years, and even for the reality shock of getting ready to go out into the world as Roanoke College Alumni. So, sorry seniors, you can’t go back to freshman year and do it all again! We wish everyone the best of luck in whichever path post grad takes them.