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Long Distance Love: Valentine’s Day From Afar


Valentine’s Day is not just a hard day for all the single people out there. In all seriousness, it might be more difficult for those of us in a long-distance relationship.

Generally, the 14th of February comes with visions of staring across a table at your loved one, or at least a date, out at dinner or out on the town. However, like most of those who are single, those in a long-distance relationship who couldn’t drive the miles and hours to see their significant other, are stuck without a date.

While society expects couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, it just ends up reminding those who can’t that they are away from their partner and not together again. It leaves the brave few maintaining long-distance relationships in a type of limbo, where they don’t have a date, but they aren’t single either.


Being stuck in this limbo can be extremely awkward. Especially if you take one way out of Valentine’s and just spend it watching Netflix and listening to your single friends rant about not buying into whole holiday. You can’t even chime in because you get the “well at least you have a boyfriend” statement which is essentially a “you can’t possibly know how we feel” statement.

Long distance relationships are hard. Valentine’s day basically forces you to miss someone more than you would on any other day. At least if you’re single and wishing you had a date, you’re not really missing another person, just the glorified idea.

If you’re in a long distance relationship and can’t be together, you know what you’re missing. You are missing a human being you love, and to me that just seems a little bit tougher than being single.

Now, on the other hand, there are some things you can do in a long-distance relationship to keep the Valentine’s Day spirit alive. Most important is to carve out some time to have a personal Skype date or at least a phone call. It’s important to do one of these two things to let your significant other know how much they mean to you, and for them to hear the three coveted words of affirmation.

In addition to the phone call, sending handwritten valentines or letters by snail mail is a cute surprise. It shows a genuine effort on both of your parts and it’s nice to have a tangible reminder on the day of love that you are thinking of them.

Those are the top two things that will help you survive Valentine’s Day in a long-distance relationship, but there are plenty of others. You could plan your Valentine’s Day for a different weekend, send flowers or chocolates, or exchange sweet text messages periodically throughout the day. The list goes on and on.

All in all, being in a long distance relationship is hard, and I’m not sure Valentine’s Day makes it any easier for those stuck in a limbo land. It is just one day, so I think everyone will survive, but if you can’t possibly, then maybe one of you ought to consider surprising the other by making the trip to them. Then you won’t be in limbo land, and you can disregard all the advice above!

All relationships are different, and all people, single or not, are different as well. Celebrate Valentine’s Day as you see fit and it will all turn out fine. Don’t harp on who you’re not with, or what you’re not doing, and instead make the most out of a situation.

Seriously though, don’t forget that phone call if you can’t make the trip to your significant other.