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The RC men’s basketball team came back from their loss to Virginia Weslyan on Wednesday, Feb. 3 with a close 64-62 win over Guilford College on.

In the first half, neither team could hold a lead for very long. In the first three minutes the lead changed five times. Guilford held the lead for most of the half. At several points the Maroons were behind by eight or more points, but each time was able to close the margin. At the end of the first half it wasn’t looking hopeful for the Maroons who were down by 7 points.

The Quakers looked like they were going to take the game in the opening of the second half. They came out strong and were able to increase the margin to fifteen points, seven minutes into the period. The Maroons started to chip away at that lead, demonstrating the explosive offense they became known for at the beginning of the season.

With 5:24 left in the game, the Maroons took the first lead they’d had in over twenty minutes. Guilford quickly reclaimed the lead but weren’t able to pull away like they had earlier in the game. Roanoke was able to retake the Quakers a few minutes later and hold onto a narrow lead for the win.

Throughout the game, the Maroons struggled with consistency. They were able to come from behind several times, but each time wouldn’t be able to hold onto the lead for long. Roanoke only had the lead for about 7 minutes of the game.

Caldwell was the Maroon’s best weapon in the game leading the team with 14 points and 10 rebounds. He was the main force in the Maroon’s come-back win, scoring all seven of his point in the second half in the final 5:24 of play.

The Roanoke men’s team is now 16-4, 8-3 in ODAC. Be sure to support them as they travel to Hampden-Sydney for their next game this Saturday at 2:00 p.m.