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Big Little Week


By Ramatu Mohammed


This year the week of Feb.15 to the 19 holds a lot of excitement for the sororities on Roanoke’s campus. After the girls find their niche in a sorority, there is “Big-Little” week to look forward to. During the first couple weeks, girls begin to find a mentor within the chapter. Sometimes it is instantaneous, leading them to a possibility of who their big will be, although it typically tends to be a one-to-one match.

Even though girls spend time with a new sister, big-little is all about the element of surprise. The girls give clues on various days, and whether it’s goodies or hints, some can be outrageous, misleading, humorous, or sincere. Many  of the girls think they  may know who their big is  up until they get a clue which makes them question otherwise. It is a fun process anticipating the next hint or treat they will receive.

It may seem great during this period of anticipation, but once a girl is paired with another, a bond is formed which becomes much more profound. This friendship becomes something which a Little begins to admire because a Big provides a source of guidance. Although a sorority provides a home, a Big-Little pair bond goes beyond the surface level.

It is someone that one can continuously turn to no matter what the circumstance. Having this bond between a Big and a Little in a sorority makes an individual’s college experience, and Greek life experience, much more enjoyable. The Big-Little pair adds to the experience of being included in a well-developed organization.

Although most Bigs in a chapter are viewed as role models, Littles can be just as influential and hold a substantial role in a Big’s life. Littles provide unconditional love and can give great advice to their bigs. It is not only a friendship and a sisterhood, but it is a mutual affection for one another.

It may seem silly when you see a group of guys serenade a girl in commons, or seeing a girl receiving a cheetah bathing suit, or even carrying a huge basket of goodies, but the little gifts symbolize the meaningful reasoning behind the process.

When the day arrives, there is so much happiness. Even if someone knows who the Bigs are, there is still a sense of anticipation, and everyone is still overcome with excitement. A Little is showered with more gifts, and then the unconditional love and friendship blooms for there. It marks the start of something truly amazing.

So get ready little ones, because it is the beginning of something awesome.