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FBF: Pizza


By Ramatu Mohammed

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images


Pizza is one of the world’s most popular food options; whether it’s pepperoni or cheese, it is a favorite. Tuesday, February 9 was National Pizza Day and it was celebrated with various deals from Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and other popular pizza chain restaurants. According to Pizza Today (what is pizza today), pizza chains made an annual income of $27 billion dollars in sales last year and non-chains an annual amount of $20 billion. In light of this holiday, here are some facts that you probably don’t know about pizza:

  1.     Pizzerias make up 17 percent of all restaurants worldwide.
  2.     Americans consume an average of 23 pounds of pizza per person each year.
  3.     The most expensive pizza is the Pizza Royale. The ingredients consisted of: caviar soaked in cognac, vintage balsamic vinegar, Scottish smoked salmon, lobster marinated in cognac, venison medallions, and prosciutto. The pizza cost $2,745.
  4.     93 percent of Americans have eaten pizza in the past month.
  5.     Americans eat about 250 million pounds of pepperoni every year.
  6.     Women are twice as likely than men to order vegetables on their pizza, and are better tippers when it comes to delivery.
  7.     The largest pizza ever made was 122 feet 8 inches in diameter.  The ingredients consisted of: 9,920 pounds of flour, 3,968 pounds of cheese, 1,984 pounds of tomato puree, and 198 pounds of salt.
  8.     Cristian Dumitru of Romania holds the world record for eating pizza; he ate over 200 pounds. But the former world record holder claims the cheese-sauce ratio was too low for what he ate to be considered pizza.
  9.     The world’s fastest pizza maker can make 14 pizzas in 2 minutes and 35 seconds.
  10.  The highest-grossing independent pizzeria in the nation is Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria, located in Anchorage, Alaska. Its annual sales are approximately $6 million.
  11.  Some popular pizza toppings in Japan are squid and mayo Jaga (mayonnaise, potato and bacon).
  12.  Domino’s delivery drivers log about 4 million miles on Super Bowl Sunday.
  13.  The longest pizza delivery was from Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia.
  14.  Eating pizza once a week can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer.

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