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By Shannon Yard


The Roanoke Equestrian Team traveled to Randolph College on Saturday, Feb. 13 to compete at their first IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) show of the spring semester. At IHSA shows, the team travels to other colleges and picks a horse’s name out of a hat, and then shows it in their respective division.

As a whole, the Roanoke Equestrian Team finished with 20 points, only two points behind Randolph College who is currently winning in the regional standings.

To begin the day for Roanoke, Shannon Yard (Sophomore) placed 1st over fences (jumping) with a challenging course and 5th on the flat (no jumps) in the intermediate division.

Also in intermediate, Marisa Patton (Senior) had a great ride and placed 5th on the flat. In the novice division, Bekah Lamb (So.) showed off her skill placing 4th over fences and 6th on the flat.

In the advanced walk/ trot/ canter division, Stephanie Brasier (Sr.) rode wonderfully and placed 5th, and in one of her first shows on the team, Kyra Sucharski (Freshman) held her own and placed 6th. To round out the day, Lizzie Kronander (So.) placed 1st on the flat.

The high for Saturday was a bitter 23 degrees, not including windchill, but luckily, the show was held indoors; even though there was no heat, there was also no wind! Between classes, the team thawed themselves in the heated viewing lounge. The horses at Randolph were definitely cold as well, but they were great sports and were well-behaved for all riders.

Because of the blizzard a couple weeks ago, rain, and general cold temperatures, the team had only been able to practice a few times. Some of the riders didn’t get the chance to practice at all. They walked into the show with the understanding that it might not go spectacularly, but they gave it their best shot, and all of the riders walked out with rewards.

The team will be traveling to Bridgewater on Feb. 20, Hollins on Feb. 27, and UVA on Feb. 28. Marisa Patton and Lizzie Kronander have qualified for the regional finals which will be held on Mar. 19 at Randolph, and the team has high hopes of more members qualifying throughout the next couple of shows as the 2015-16 season comes to a close.