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RC HEAT Hosts “Netflix and Chill”


Roanoke College HEAT and Maroons United groups sponsored a “Netflix and Chill” lecture on Feb. 11 at 7:30pm in Pickle. The lecture was meant to be a “candid look at healthy relationships and affirmative consent.”


The talk was presented by Monique Ingram who is a health educator for Planned Parenthood and is a ’04 Roanoke alum. Ingram introduced herself to the full room of attending students in a spirited and casual manner. She set the tone that the room was a safe zone for questions and should be a casual but informative atmosphere.

Setting up the event, Ingram counted students off into eight groups of about five to seven groups of students each. Each group was then asked to stand in front of a large piece of post-it paper on the walls around Pickle that was assigned their word. The papers hung along the walls each had a different quality of a healthy relationship written on them.  The qualities asked to be defined included Non-threatening Behavior, Trust and Support, Respect, Honesty and Accountability, Independence, Shared Responsibility, Negotiation and Fairness, and Intimacy.

Student groups were given about ten to fifteen minutes to brainstorm words or phrases to define each quality of a healthy relationship based on their own views of ideal couples. Before each group took turns to read what they had defined, individuals were welcomed to speak up and describe who their model couple is.

Ingram discussed each quality of a relationship after each student presented their aspect, giving a stronger definition and more examples. During this time, HEAT handed out charts and pens for students to take their own notes on. Each paper had a wheel on one side with all eight qualities on it and space below. A different type of chart was on the other side of the paper for the second and final activity of the lecture.


The first activity finished successfully and entertained the students in attendance. After a quick discussion afterwards, the second activity introduced students to the concept of a “Will, Want, Won’t” list. Ingram presented a large example on post-it papers up on the front wall with other colorful post-its on each panel (Will, Want and Won’t). The smaller post-its contained acts or terms that someone may want to do in terms of relationships or sexual activities will do and those they won’t consider.  Ingram talked students through the list and encourage them to find their own boundaries and requirements.

Following the lecture, HEAT sponsored a get together in Kresge with cookies and hot chocolate provided. Here students were able to discuss further what they had learned during the lecture and had a chance to talk further with Ingram.

Monique Ingram is scheduled to appear as a speaker during this year’s Women’s Forum. She will lead a discussion on March 15 at 7pm on the film “It Was Rape.” Be sure to check the calendar for more information.