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Capitol Steps Visits Roanoke



Nothing could be better for a Political Science major during midterm week in an election year than having a satirized version of modern politics visit a college. The visit from Capitol Steps was certainly the saving grace of many students’ sanity the Thursday before break with the jokes about the mental stability or pending legality of different candidates.

Capitol Steps is a group of performers that, as their slogan claims, literally “puts the MOCK in Democracy!” Not a soul involved in politics anywhere in the world is safe from having their entire career satirized in just one song.

They began their climb to fame in 1981 when some of Senator Charles Percy’s staffers were unable to locate “three wise men or a virgin” in all of Congress for their nativity skit. So naturally, the staffers turned to poke fun at the debauchery-filled lives of the unwise and impure United States Congress colleagues, and nothing has changed since.

That Thursday night all in attendance were awarded the distinct pleasure of being in the same room as HRC, Bernie (you had to feel the Bern after this performance), the raucous DJ Trump in all of his haired glory, and the manliest of all men ever, Vladimir Putin, who, of course, was immune to the cold and lacked a few garments of clothing.

Near the start of the show, our very own Barack Obama made an appearance. He was just as cool on stage as I imagine he would be in person, despite the fact that his ears seemed a few sizes too small.

We were soon joined by the company of the Good Ol’ Party and all that their “candidates” have to offer. The comic within the actual debates certainly gave the Capitol Steps a run for their money, but in the end they proved to be the real comedians of the political world. Sorry, Donald.

With as much fun as can be poked at the GOP, the Capitol Steps were careful to leave no email, or stone, unturned and gave the Jackasses of the Dems some nice solos and duets. At least the Republics have more than two candidates competing to copy each other’s exact same beliefs.

Bernard shuffled on stage and made sure we all knew just how bad the 1% is, even though many of our parents fall into that category. And of course sweet, darling grandmother Hillary rocked the hell out of a pantsuit for each of her debuts.

The whole performance wrapped up with a quick summary of the most notably comical events in the past 30 years of American politics. The entire audience was in stitches as item after item, including Monica’s sticky blue dress, were flung onto the stage by the singing political comedians.

Overall, I must say that show could have better exemplified the hilarity that modern politics has most certainly become. I laughed the whole way at the lines crossed and zingers made at any available political targets.