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Roanoke’s Got Talent



Roanoke College’s Campus Activities Board hosted their first annual “Roanoke’s Got Talent” event on February 27 before spring break. The event was held in Alumni Gym and featured 7 student acts competing for 1st-3rd place and cash prizes.

At the end of the seven acts, audience member were given a chance to text in to a certain number to vote for their favorite act. This accounted for 60% of each acts score with the other 40% coming from the judges. The judges included Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris, Todd Bowyer, Brian Ryberg, and Dr. Gary Hollis.

Third place was awarded to students Yasmine Hammami and Gjylisha Cena for an entertaining performance of the song “Valerie” along with full choreography. The two opened with each singing a portion of a song in their native language with a slideshow of their friend groups being presented on either side of the stage. Once they moved into the song “Valerie,” the dup showed high energy and had a very fun attitude during the performance. The two won $100 for third place.

Coming in second place was Jose Alvardo. Alvardo was the first act of the night and proved to be a great opener. He performed an original dance routine to a mash up of hit songs, even including a nod to the movie Deadpool and popular cult classic “Barbie Girl.” Alvardo energetically moved around the stage. After his performance, Alvardo was interviewed by MC Hayley Moe and said, “[If I win] I would take a lucky lady out on a date.” For second place Alvardo won $200 and a standing ovation.

The big prize for the night, totaling $500 for first place, was awarded to Sabrina “Breezy” McIntyre.  She performed a rendition of the song “Summertime” and asked the audience to “sit and relax and think about someone or something that puts you at ease.” Before singing, McIntyre further told the audience she “wanted to be in this moment with [you guys].” McIntyre sang “Summertime” as acapella and received a loud standing ovation from audience members.

The four other acts of the night were all singing acts as well.  The second act of the night was Emma Kessler and she put on a performance of Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love.” After a short intermission, Samantha Greiss followed Kessler and belted out Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away,” and received good reviews from the judges.

Later in the evening, student Sean Ryan put on an interesting singing act by performing and recording all parts of an acapella group for the song “Wayfaring Stranger.” Ryan did all this with his phone and a speaker, and it proved to be one of the most interesting performances of the night according to the audience response.  Judge Dr. Hollis said, “[Ryan] has talent to spare… [He was] wonderful. Original. A Pitch Perfect performance.”

Concluding the acts of the night was Daniel Ayers taking the stage in his normal fashion with guitar and harmonica in hand. Ayers opened with a comedic entrance followed by a rendition of the folk song “Elma Turl” popular by Mike Cross.

After each act the judges commented on their performance, giving pointers or just their reaction. Following the audience votes, a “blooper reel” was played for the audience while they awaited the results. The “bloopers” featured senior Cameron Smith, John Clark, and many more.  Be sure to check for CABs new events online and around campus.