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Fetty Wap Concert


by Vicki Daguerre-Bradford

Fetty Wap performed at Virginia Tech for students and all others who were fast enough to get a ticket to his show on April 7. Burrus Hall started out mostly empty and quickly filled up as it got closer to 7:30 pm. Before Fetty Wap came on to perform, DJ C Jay opened up for the crowd.

Fetty Wap swaggered on stage to the beat of D.A.M. His crew had been on stage since DJ C Jay and seemed as ready to hear Fetty as the rest of the crowd as they spread out behind him, covering the majority of the stage. Most of his boys remained relatively stationary throughout the performance with the exception of Montana “Monty” Buck, a fellow rapper and Remy Boy.

Those in attendance expected to be blown away by one of our generation’s favorite rappers, and we all certainly were. Fetty lived up to all expectations, as one concert goer said, “[Fetty] sounds exactly the same live.”

However, despite Fetty’s clear talent as a musician and performer, it was Monty who stole the show and had people buzzing as they exited the auditorium.

Fetty Wap has said that he aims to help those who were with him before his fame and it seems that he has held true to this promise with Monty. Only 20 minutes after Fetty began his segment of the concert a college student in attendance exclaimed “it turned into Monty’s concert!”

Fetty literally took the backstage to allow Monty to perform his parts of the songs and even some of his own work. His work was great, his songs were upbeat and catchy, and by the end of the concert the people nearby had Shazamed the majority of his work. One college student in attendance was overheard saying “I’m going to download his album later.”

Willie Maxwell II, grew up in Paterson, New Jersey. “Fetty” was a nickname growing up that refers to how good he was at getting money, whereas “Wap” was added later as a tribute to Gucci Mane, one of his rap idols. Fetty also credits Juicy J and Project Pat as his other sources of inspiration and influence.

He got his big hit in 2014 with his single “Trap Queen” that he first released on Soundcloud. He was later found by Wharton Berg, a 300 Entertainment intern, when the production company partnered with Fetty’s label, RGF Entertainment. The song was not truly recognized until ten months after it was released.

The album, titled “Trap Queen” like the song, is on is now a gold record. Fetty Wap has since been featured in Billboard and Complex and was listed on XXL’s Freshman List. Many of his songs have made their way up Top 100 Lists and his career looks like it is just beginning. Fetty is ever grateful for his opportunity and has said “a lot of people don’t get the opportunity, so I’ma be a superstar until my star don’t burn no more.” After hearing his live performance and seeing his engagement with the audience and his friends on stage, anyone would hope that his star burns for quite a while longer.