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Memory Lapse



Article submitted anonymously

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Hillary Clinton has some memory problems, according to documents released on September, 2nd by the FBI in regards to her interview over her email scandal.

These documents, internally called a 302 at the FBI, show that Clinton said 39 different times that she “could not recall” or “could not remember” important meetings, trainings, and procedures pertaining to classification of documents and handling of said classified materials. She also claimed that she was depending on her staff to not send classified information to her private email during her tenure at the State department.

Clinton most certainly did receive and send classified information on her private email server, which has been reported countless times. Though most of these emails did not contain classified markings or designations, the material itself discussed in these emails was indeed classified, some even with top secret clearance levels required, at the time it was sent and received, in direct contradiction to what Hillary Clinton has claimed multiple times.

So, what we know is: Hillary Clinton has lied to the American public, she has passed the buck to her staff members, has mishandled classified information on a private server, failed to remember key meetings and trainings, and she is getting away with it all.

The FBI and the Department of Justice have refused to prosecute Clinton on federal crimes related to this email scandal, so the only choice left is for the American people to hold our government accountable.

If we truly want to rid the government of the corruption and overturn the rigged system former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tried to fight against, we must hold these people accountable by casting our ballots. Our ballots are the only means we have to show Washington, D.C. that we are sick of “politics as usual.” We must stop granting amnesty to those in power.