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WRKE Revamps for the Upcoming Year

Photo Courtesy of WRKE.org
Photo Courtesy of WRKE.org
Photo Courtesy of WRKE.org

Article by Catie Witzel

Roanoke College’s local radio station, WRKE, has made some major changes for this school year thanks to the advice the Campus Activities Board Director Joe Buche and the WRKE Program Director, senior, Madison Pinckes. Some new aspects that students will notice is their change in location as well as other aspects of their day-to-day operations.

The station has moved from the second floor of the Colket Center to the first floor, next to the information desk and across from commons. Students can easily see the radio station as they wait for meals and enjoy the new aesthetic appeal of the station’s decor, which will hopefully help more students to become involved.

This move will be really great for the station,” said Pinckes, “because it has already increased visibility and student involvement. Inside the new station we have a round table for the DJ station compared to what used to be a desk that just faced the wall. This layout will be better for interviews and other talk show formats. We also painted the walls maroon and have whiteboard walls so students can not only express their creativity on the air, but all over the walls.”

These changes come alongside a few others from the past years, such as changing the station’s logo. Last year, the WRKE logo changed from simple letters, to a far more visually pleasing image that involves headphones as well as the stations low-power FM station. Other additions to WRKE include redesigning the website to allow easier access for online streaming and new talk show lineup, including the exciting new feature “Two Noke Girls.”

WRKE has been a part of the RC community since 2005 and with the dedication from students and staff, listeners can expect even more opportunities to interact with the station. The program is proud of being student-run and allows any and all students to start a radio show, join the WRKE staff, and various other levels of involvement. The college encourages students’ interest in this creative outlet because it is an opportunity for students to gain skills in broadcasting, marketing, web, and various other skills in the communications field.

        The station prides itself on the diversity of music and hosts, “By offering a variety of entertainment and information programming…Targeted to reach an 18-24 demographic and playing an eclectic mix of music,” says WRKE’s description online.

WRKE is always looking for new DJ’s, talk show hosts, or anyone with an exciting new idea for the station! If you’re interested in getting involved with WRKE email Pinckes at, mlpinckes@mail.roanoke.edu.