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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Sponsors “Small Group Olympics”


On Saturday  InterVarsity, the Christian Fellowship organization on campus, hosted a “Small Group Olympics” event on the Marion Volleyball Court.

Chelsea Schafer, a junior and the contact for the Roanoke College chapter, provided insight into the purpose and outcome of this icebreaker event.

The “small group” is where the organization divides its members into smaller cohorts by gender or year.  Each Small Group meets at different times throughout the week for bible study and spiritual support as well as coming together to create a safe and fun environment to connect with other students of their faith. The Small Group Olympics this past week is an annual event for the organization where members of the various small groups bond by competing in relay events.

The human scavenger hunt was on the agenda, which entailed finding group members with certain characteristics. In addition, there was the human knot, a game of water balloon toss, water balloon dodgeball, and a game in which small group members attempted to lick chocolate syrup off of saran wrap before the other teams.

Sock wrestling, a contest that required participants to wrestle the socks of their opponents was, “by far the favorite game and most entertaining,” said Schafer.  The coed and men’s Small Groups, in a team properly self-named “The Winners,” indeed emerged victorious in this event.

All of these games culminated in a large volleyball tournament.  With approximately twenty to thirty members in attendance, the atmosphere became competitive, but everyone had fun and enjoyed the experience with their group members.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an organization that aims to discover the Word of God and serve the community within the collegiate setting. The organization is always looking for new students and those who join can expect to be placed in a Small Group and invited to attend Large Group meetings, where all Small Groups come together to worship, on Thursdays at 9pm in the Chapel.