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We Found Dory, and Her Friends Too!



Article and Photo by Sarah Sinoski

Imagine a giant slumber party with all your best friends, and now imagine that they are all wearing plush mermaid tails and Dory onesies. This was the scene in Wortmann Ballroom as dozens of students and some faculty gathered to watch “Finding Dory.”

The Ballroom looked like a movie theater with chairs lined up for viewing, freshly popped popcorn, sodas, and dim lighting to create a relaxed ambience. The excitement in the air was palpable as the movie was loaded onto the projector. The girls in the front squealed as they adjusted their pillows and blankets, and the whole auditorium whooped and clapped as the movie began.

The audience watched in excitement, as the adorable figure of baby Dory swam across the screen. Dory’s parents were shown for the first time; they were happily loving and supportive of Dory’s memory issues. After several minutes of backstory, we watch as Dory gets separated from her parents and can’t remember how to find her way back.

It seems she asks every creature in the ocean to help her find her family. Time passes and she grows older through her teenage years, then eventually to an adult Dory as she was known from “Finding Nemo.” Suddenly, she crashes into Marlin, Nemo’s dad, and their adventure in “Finding Nemo” is recapped. Following this scene, the movie’s plot is shaped to focus not only on Dory’s search for her parents but also on the father/son relationship between Nemo and Marlin.

Dory is determined to find her family against all odds, and Marlin and Nemo decide to help her. After a few incidents where Dory’s memory and outgoing personality cause trouble for the trio, Marlin loses his temper and says hurtful things to Dory that he later regrets. He tells her to go wait away from him and Nemo for a while, and in doing so she has another memory lapse and wanders off.

Eventually, Dory ends up finding her way to the Marine Life Institute in California, where she begins to remember more and more until she realizes that she grew up there, and has old friends. These include Destiny, the short-sighted whale shark, Bailey, the beluga who can’t seem to use his echolocation, and Hank, the seven-legged octopus.

After many misadventures, Dory, Nemo, and Marlin are reunited. The ending of the movie elicited many gasps and sounds of delight from the audience. As the lights flicked back on, everyone cheered and there were more than a few damp eyes in the room. One thing’s for sure, this is a movie you don’t want to pass up!