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Fall Fashion Season


Article by Alexa Doiron

Photo Courtesy of Mikaela Wall

Throughout Roanoke College’s campus, students are breaking out their new fashion trends for the fall season. This year, trends have moved toward a throwback of the classic ‘90’s garage band look with some 21st century additions.

One of the biggest pieces you’ll see gracing the necks of women on campus is the choker. This is an item that hit a peak in the mid-nineties but has comeback this season as an accessory to be worn with almost any outfit. Commonly, you will see three different
styles of chokers which include: the plain black fabric band, the black fabric band with some sort of gem on it, and a layered choker with long, dangling ends. This trend is starting to surpass the long statement necklaces that were a staple of last year’s fall wardrobes.

To complete the nineties look, students have turned to denim; not necessarily a Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears-type outfit, but a nice denim skirt paired with a fitted jean jacket. If you are looking to mimic this trend, you most likely bet is hitting the local Goodwill. In fact, a lot of this year’s fashionable looks can be completed with one or two items from a Goodwill or thrift store. Luckily for RC students there are two Goodwills located close by and more than one thrift shop on Mainstreet.

To find these styles, Etsy and Urban Outfitters are two great places to look. Knowing where to look for a style can be difficult for the average student, but some have developed a method to stay ahead of the curve.

“I stay ahead by constantly shopping online; the online sites are always changing and updating and I’m always seeing new things I like on there,” said Sara Howell, a senior from New York. “The trends are also different from New York to [Roanoke College], so I bring a lot of things I would wear in New York to school.”

It seems that lifestyle and location are huge influences on student fashion as they try to fit in on campus but also represent a style that reflects their homebase. Many students are from the northeast and bring their trends down south. However, there are students from all over that try to encompass a particular vibe in their look. Often, it can be heard that a certain outfit is “very
L.A.” or that the way a person dresses is “definitely Manhattan.” These characteristics of style are important to students when deciding on how to present themselves through their clothing. A lot of the influences are imported from across the globe, with London, Italy, and France being huge players.

One style that comes directly from a European eye is the three stripes of Adidas that have made an appearance on the feet of students this past summer and current Fall season. The shoes are white with a rounded top and three back dashes on the side. They are comfortable and versatile and also make any casual outfit look hip.

Next, we see the photos of Instagram shining on our feeds with female students wearing round, reflective lens sunglasses. The preferred brand of these glasses is Ray Bans however, knockoffs can be purchased fairly easily at stores such as Alter’d State and
H&M. They are great for taking artsy photos because the reflection of the glasses allows for an added layer in a picture. Another way to add some style to your lenses is to find yourself a pair of Warby Parker glasses. The company is gracing the faces of students, male and female, across campus. The great thing about this brand is that the company will send you five pairs to try for five days so that the customer can be sure they like their purchase.

As for cosmetics, we see a lot of light lipstick this season. Gone are the dark plum colors for everyday wear and in are the “no color added” lipsticks for walking to class. The winged eye-liner is still a popular look for nighttime wear, but women are opting
for a more natural look for daywear. Less eyeliner and more mascara seems to be what is the trend recently as women across campus can appear to embrace a “less is more” outlook in their appearance.

Looking at hairstyles, women at RC are sporting chopped locks and middle parts. As girls cut their hair shorter, they look for more ways to create a style with less to work with. The solution to this is buns, buns, buns. A trend that started last winter and has continued to grow is a half-up look finished with a casual bun on top. A hybrid of this look is the double buns on top
which features the half-up look and two knobs on the head instead of just one.

For men this season we see “the man bun” dying out as male students opt for a more clean-cut look. This is paired with an assortment of freshly-pressed sweaters, Clarks for shoes, and a turtleneck every now and then. In the Fall, the variety of menswear tends to lean towards plaid and to focus on outerwear.

The puffer jacket along with the slimming pea coat have also made an appearance on campus as students start to get ready for colder weather. For warmer fall days, a utility jacket is the item of choice or maybe even a track jacket, depending on your mood.

Adidas also are making a statement in men’s fashion this fall with the Stan Smith casual sneakers. Herschel backpacks are appearing on the backs of men around campus because of their durability and the versatility of the style. For men at RC, keeping up with the trends can be difficult but it seems that each student has their own comfortable “look.”

“Personally, I like layering with long sleeve shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and jackets,” said freshman, Sebastian Harlow. “There are other students that can rock to sweatshirt and joggers everyday for the relaxed comfy look. Everyone has their own style, some more relaxed, others dressed to impress.”

If students are concerned about where to look for the latest trends or how to get ideas for their own fashion sense, Harlow recommends looking to the app Pinterest or similar photo-based apps.

“Instagram is a great one since its revolved around photos, go follow a brand or style,” said Harlow. For students on a budget, there is also the app PoshMark where people can buy and sell their gently used clothing. The app is entirely free and allows users to build a following and sell even more clothing. It is a great way to make a few extra dollars as well as find fashion staples at a decent price.

As the seasons change, so does the fashion. There are always ways to create personal style for students and it seems like this fall, RC’s campus is becoming a trend-setting hot spot.